Optimised Channel Management

Optimise your Channel Management through Telephonic Relationship Officers. 

A Paints Major uses PlatinumOne’s services to ensure regular order taking by the C&F Agent personnel and manage Dealer Receivables to ensure a smooth company-dealer relationship.


  1. To manage call quality of C&F Agent personnel taking orders from dealers.
  2. To ensure payments from dealers and maintain a smooth company-dealer relationship.


  1. PlatinumOne implemented a dialer solution across the client company’s depots so that all the calls made by C&F Agent personnel could be monitored. PlatinumOne’s Quality Team trained the C&F personnel and audited their calls on a  continuous basis.
  2. PlatinumOne Telecallers proactively reminded the dealers about payments about to become overdue. This helped the dealers make timely payments. This avoided the dealer from getting locked and ensure a continuous supply of material to the dealer.


The Paints Major was able to optimise its Channel Management using innovative technology at a very reasonable minimal cost.

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