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We Transform Your Sales Results with Our Award-Winning Training Programs

PlatinumOne exclusively represents RAIN Group in India. RAIN Group Sales Training programs have helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and professionals in more than 73 countries increase their sales significantly with sales performance improvement and sales training services.

Our Clients Love Our Ability to Understand Their Key Issues, Speak Their Business Language and Work with Them Collaboratively and Being Responsive.

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What Makes Top Sales Organisations?

What drives buyers to choose one provider over another?

What Distinguishes Top Strategic Management Teams from the Rest.

RAIN Group has been named to both Selling Power and Training Industries& Top 20 Sales Training Companies lists and has won prestigious Stevie Awards for Sales Training Practice of the Year and Sales Trainer of the Year.

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Behaviour change is our Focus, Training is the vehicle. We have a complete learning system with a focus on reinforcement to ensure learning happens overtime and delivers top performance.

Much of your sales training success is determined before you even begin. We set the table for success and ensure that you’re teaching the right people the right things with the right tools to achieve the best sales results

We deliver effective training built for adult learners. Programs and tools are customized making training relevant and engaging for the greatest impact. Our facilitators average a 4.8 on a 5-point scale for quality scores.

From ongoing reinforcement to coaching to measurement, we make sure training sticks, behaviors change, and learning gets applied on-the-job. Our education system delivers 94% engagement.

Activate, Enable & Nurture Your Channel Partners by Winning Their Mind-Share & Loyalty through Our Training & Sales Maximisation.


    Our Training Approach is focused on Unleashing Sales Potentiale

    Sales training focused on diverse learning and application in the field.

    Change is the focus; consulting and training are vehicles.

    Quality delivery and lasting impact.

    Focus on achieving top performance.

    Our Stories of Client Success Demonstrate Our Command on Sales & Sales Training

    Discover How Platinum One Augmented the Sales Outcomes for Leading Industry Frontrunners Through Our Intensive Training Programs


      ROI-Driven Training & Sales Maximisation, That Results in Real Growth of Your Topline Like Never Before