Converting Google Ads Leads to Walkins

Ensuring high ROI on your marketing spend.

A furniture major wanted a tech-savvy call centre to act as a fulcrum for all its marketing campaigns. The partner also needed to have trained and dedicated resources that had the capability to provide furniture counselling to prospects and guide them to the company stores.


To maximise conversion from leads generated from marketing campaigns especially Google ads.


Marketing Integration: All the marketing campaigns were integrated with PlatinumOne’s CRM. This enabled automated calling out to the prospect within a minute of the lead submission.

Trained Manpower: The manpower was trained extensively on the product range. They visited the company store monthly to acquaint themselves with new products. The team was made up exclusively of women as women callers showed substantially higher productivity for this product category. The low attrition ensured increasing expertise and productivity.

Analytics: Day wise, Campaign wise, Caller wise data was analysed continuously to optimise productivity.


The client company saw a walkin on 20% of the leads resulting in a substantial ROI on its marketing spend. This resulted in more than 50 Lakh of revenue generation per work station allocated to PlatinumOne.

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