Lead Generation for Insurance

Generating high-quality Leads for your Sales Team.

One of the top life insurance companies wanted a credible partner to provide ethical, high quality leads for its sales force. 

The insurance company was already working with 2 large call centres. However, seeing the high productivity, low attrition and ethical practices of PlatinumOne, the client soon made PlatinumOne its No. 1 Call Centre Partner. 


To generate a high number of leads per work station while maintaining a high Met Ratio and ethical pitching.


Data Management: The Process Manager continuously scouted for new database providers and built a significant data warehouse for all major Indian cities. This was continuously refreshed.

Productive Manpower: The Client company provided vintage based incentives apart from productivity incentives while PlatinumOne provided long term career and personal development opportunities to the Telecallers. Continuous best practice sharing ensured that as Telecallers continued in their role, they continued to gain in productivity.


Across cities, PlatinumOne’s per work station productivity was the highest compared to other partner call centres. Additionally, the Met ratio remained above 60%. Zero customer complaints were received related to wrong positioning or unethical selling.

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