Converting Free Subscribers to Paid

Converting Free Subscribers to Paid

If you would like to cross sell and upsell to existing customers while deepening the relationship with them, look no further. PlatinumOne has the experience and the calibre to deliver value both to you and your customers.

India’s leading premium job search portal was looking for a partner to sell value added services to their existing database of job seekers, which mainly comprised of mid and senior level management professionals.

Owing to the high ROI and quality conversations, PlatinumOne soon became the only partner of the company for all call centre requirements.


To maximize revenue from leads generated from marketing activities / candidates navigating the website while maintaining extremely high levels of call quality. The concept of paid membership in a job portal was new in India. High experience levels and remunerations of the target audience posed challenges to the team as well.


Manpower Training and Retention: The training gestation period was reduced and ongoing mentoring ensured that each team member continued to improve upon quality and productivity. Higher incentives due to productivity increase related to lower attrition and an increased vintage of the team.

Team Structure: Leads were segregated basis the vintage and performance of the Telecallers. Job seekers with higher CTCs were handled by more experienced Team members. This ensured higher productivity on leads without compromising the brand value.


The client company saw a reduction of nearly 70% on their outsourcing spend by keeping only one partner. Change in marketing strategy and higher conversion resulted lower marketing spends with higher ROI. This resulted in the revenue being 10 times the outsourcing spends.

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