Work From Home (WFH) Telecallers

The sudden Corona lockdown meant that all our Employees, most of them working as Telecallers were stuck at home.

Our Clients were keen to continue Business as Usual and looked towards us to provide a Technical solution.


To deliver a Work From Home (WFH) solution for Telecalling and ensure a Client solution that not only acted as a BCP solution but went beyond to facilitate a Business as Usual status.


Laptop Solution: In the window opportunity before the lockdown was complete, we delivered Laptops to as many Telecallers as possible.

Our IT Team developed a technical solution wherein the Telecallers accessed our Server via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Firewall. After that, the Telecallers could access the Dialer solution as well as SFDC or respective CRM. Normal work proceeded there on. Numbers were masked for Data Confidentiality.

Mobile Solution: For those who did not have Laptops, we enabled them to access the Dialer through Live IP on Google Chrome. The Dialer solution validated credentials before providing access. The numbers were masked like in the Laptop Solution.


Within ten days of the Lockdown, all the Telecallers across interested Clients were fully on WFH and generating a high number of appointments for the Client Sales People. The Clients had also adapted their sales process to be digital and were seeing robust closures and sales.

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