Generating Walkins for Real Estate

Pre Sales Teams of Top notch builders can trust PlatinumOne to drive a steady stream of interested and qualified prospects to their project sites.

A leading real estate company that is known for its marketing, quality and professionalism wanted to consider a new call centre for their pre sales requirement. They were looking for a BPO that would be aggressive and passionate like them and could provide good quality Telecallers, a reliable process and a stable management team.


To deliver a steady stream of interested and qualified prospects to the project sites.


People Selection: PlatinumOne invested in recruiting personnel of high calibre, even higher than mandated through initial discussion.

Continuous Learning: The PlatinumOne management team along with the Client’s management team continuously assessed inputs and results, calibrating the data and script till optimal results were achieved.

Quality Audit and Coaching: The Quality Auditor conducted intensive coaching for all newcomers and under performers. The Trainer would build customised modules based on the Quality Auditor’s and Team Leader’s feedback.

Data Quality: The Client provided data from previous marketing campaigns as well as live marketing campaigns.


The client company has experienced very impressive and consistent walkins and bookings via leads from PlatinumOne for almost 2 years.

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