FMCG Retailers



A PE backed, fast growing FMCG company.


  1. To pilot telephonic order taking from Retailers in the place of Sales Representatives (SRs) who are absent.
  2. To reach out to Retailers who give a Missed Call to resolve issues and take orders.


  1. PlatinumOne telecalling professionals were equipped to handle Retailer queries, take orders and punch in orders into the company’s ordering software.
  2. The client’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM was integrated with the PlatinumOne dialer software for both Absent SR route plan roster and missed calls.
  3. Teething issues were quickly focused on and improvements done from both sides.


  1. More than 25K orders generated within a year through seamless automation and effective response and order taking.
  2. More than 18K retailer queries were noted of which 92% were resolved.
  3. Client could ensure that scheme communication reached all the retailers.
  4. Retailer issues and grievances could reach the Senior Management quickly and effectively.

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