Sales Coaching App

Transform Your Sales Team to Discover, Engage, & Convert Customers Faster and at Scale.

Sales Leaders are constantly under pressure of increasing Productivity, which is linked with vintage and sales competencies. However, finding a Good Sales Person is like finding a needle in a haystack… sales is not taught anywhere and Salespeople are left to figure out their Sales Methodology on their own. This is particularly true for B2C businesses. Where the product is high involvement; but because of distributed environment and limited resources, the organisations choose to focus on just the output.

It is the personal coaching app for each of your sales reps. It is adaptive and allows them to build selling skills Incrementally and in a step by step manner.

It is Personalized and has ability to provide Multiple attempts with varying target recommendations, where they also have a choice to reach out a mentor in case of difficulties.

It helps transforming behaviors & approaches through sustained positive reinforcements & rewards-based approach. Based on Neuroscience, we focus on spaced repetition that helps in learning that sticks and grows.

The Development Process is an interplay of the Seller Attributes & his knowledge pertaining to your industry, clients & your sales process.

This is delivered through customisation of various learning activities, learning videos, challenges to create hustle and quizzes. The learning is adaptive and there is a feedback loop and a mentor to assist. This is aligned to achieve the various competencies required for a successful sales person over 45 days.

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    Our coaching methodology is customizable across a range of industries

    Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

    Sales Success in BFSI Sector is a hard nut to crack owing to complex products and low ramp up time available for the Sales Teams. The environment is highly distributed and turnover is extremely high. Further Clients are dependent on Sales Teams for advice.

    Consumer Durables

    Consumers today have access to a wide variety of products, rich sources of information and community reviews. For a sales person to have a great conversation and help them choose the best fit, in a language that resonate with clients, is not an easy task.

    Automotive Sector

    When the clients walk in, they have almost made up their mind on the consideration set. The role of a sales person is to act like an advisor for the clients. The biggest challenge is to learn how to win client’s confidence and then act like an advisor, who truly is interested in Client Success.


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