Nurture & Engage Leads Even While You Sleep! Deliver Automated, Personalized Conversations at Scale Using Our Intelligent Chatbot Solution

With the vision to enable your customers to access information and assistance anywhere, anytime, we have developed a one-of-a-kind AI-powered chatbot solution for customized, self-service interaction with your leads and customers.

Our smart chatbot application acts as a virtual sales agent that communicates with your web visitors and provides them with instant and accurate information in a natural, human-like manner. Further, our smart chatbots empower your human agents with useful insights during their live customer interactions as well. Throughout the customer journey, from lead acquisition to conversion and up-sell/cross-sell, your customers will have access to quality information and assistance when they need it – anywhere, anytime – thereby boosting your customer engagement and business revenues significantly.

Query Handling – Whether it is your incoming leads or existing customers, resolving queries at each stage of their engagement with you is crucial to keep them engaged, excited and connected with your brand. Off-load the most common and recurring questions to our chatbot and let your agents pitch in only when human intervention is required.

Complaint Management – Any company that hopes to grow takes its customers’ grievances seriously. We make it easy for you by powering our chatbot app with intelligence that helps resolve common grievances and escalates the important ones to the right people in your team. It also helps generate insights on complaint management and ticketing system efficiency.

Recommendation Engine – Your leads and customers often do not know what exactly they are looking for. We make your brand conversations productive by equipping our chatbot application with an in-built recommendation engine that easily converts dialogues into recommendations for products, services and experiences.

Automated Actions – Whether it is receiving alerts on time, notifying the respective personnel of an issue at hand, or churning customer interaction data to glean insights for your agents, we have your back. Our chatbot software makes it easy for you to make your enterprise workflow smart and interactive coupled with real-time alerts based on chatbot interactions.

Need Mapping – We commence by identifying and mapping your needs in terms of the nature, frequency and type of customer interactions and the common questions and issues that can be easily automated with our chatbot solution.

Customization – We then go beyond templatized content and help you identify areas where your conversations can be customized to match your brand objectives and your customers’ needs. These custom conversations are loaded into the chatbot with just a few clicks.

Live Testing – Once the chatbot has everything it needs to start responding to visitors, leads and customers, we then help you carry out iterative testing through live interactions and identifying the corrections required in content if any.

Deployment – You are now ready to launch your chatbot! Simply plugin the chatbot software to your website and landing pages with our API key and sit back and relax as our virtual assistant keeps your customers and visitors engaged and satisfied.

Maintenance & Support- As your company and your customers’ needs evolve, we will help you upgrade your software to meet the changing requirements. We will also provide hands-on assistance in solving any technical issues that come up.


    Our Chatbot Application Has Augmented the Sales Funnel of Reputed Companies in India