Sales Enablement

Transforming Sales Channels to improve Brand Experience and drive Revenue Growth.

We work with your teams to understand the role that your partners play in the Client Journey and align the sales process to the Clients buying Process. 

Most Channel Partners need support in figuring out opportunities, develop processes and tools and equip their sales teams to drive growth.

This journey starts from identifying the channel partners strength & target segment, developing messaging and value proposition, evaluating existing digital assets and in absence of these tools, helping them build effective tools & processes. We also drive an extra mile to help them hire Sales team and handholding them to success through continuous investments in their product knowledge & skills.

Having worked with thousands of channel partners, we understand the partner eco system and it’s challenges. The biggest asset or liability for a partner eco system, is readiness of the channel partner himself / herself to drive a change. This readiness is not just driven by the external environment but also through expansion of view, that we help them achieve through a coaching process. 

Subsequently we work with the Sales teams to build competencies, based on our role based competency dictionary; customised for your business. 

These competencies include product fluency, sales and behavioural competencies; to achieve desired client experience and sales success. 

The efficacy of the implementation is regularly monitored through assessments and Sales Productivity.

A Strong Project Management to Drives Results.  

  • Step 1: Reviewing/Enhancing Training Architecture, basis the diagnostic exercise that will include Insighting / Mystery shopping. 
  • Step 2: Setting up a Governance Process to ensure good execution we propose to work through the process of a Governing council and a Steering Committee. 
  • Step 3: Ongoing Evaluation A clear matrix shall be agreed and published at the onset of the project with weekly and Monthly dashboards. 
  • Step 4: Data Analytics to identify Competencies that segregate the Successful Sellers from the Rest.

All this is supported through our Proprietary Coaching Mobile Application and online Sales Coaching Support.   


    Build Sustainable Sales Success for your Channel Partners with our Sales Enablement Program.

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